What Does It Take To Convert A Foreign Pilot’s License To A US-Approved One?

6 November 2017
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In general, people who want to obtain pilot's licenses must complete an approved flight training program and log a certain number of hours of flight and/or ground time. If you obtained a pilot's license in another country, however, it may be possible to use it to qualify for certification in the United States. Here's what you need to know about the process. The License Must've Been Issued by the CAA Read More 

3 Steps To Help You Write An Essay That Will Get Your Grad School Application Approved

20 April 2017
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Getting a good education and several college degrees will undoubtedly help you develop a successful financial future and career, but getting into a good graduate school can be difficult. If you are completing a degree through a four-year college right now and are hoping to get accepted into grad school, you may have some requirements to meet. One of these might be submitting an excellent essay on a topic selected by the school you want to go to. Read More