The Advantages of Online University for the Military

14 September 2023
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A career in the military is both noble and fulfilling, yet not without its share of challenges. One of these challenges is finding the time and resources to further your education and career. But, thanks to the advent of online universities, this challenge is becoming increasingly easier to overcome. Explore the advantages of online university for the military and how it can benefit servicemembers in their personal and professional growth. Read More 

Relevant College Search Tips For Those In The Military

4 November 2022
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If you serve in the military, you have a lot of perks. One of the most prominent is tuition assistance. If you plan to use it and thus attend college, here are some search tips to be aware of. Consider an Online Format For Added Convenience You may have a busy life as it is given you serve in the military. You thus may be looking for a convenient way to earn a degree and that's possible if you consider online colleges. Read More 

The Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Nursing School

13 June 2022
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Is nursing school the right choice for you? You're ready to start your first career. Whether you recently graduated from high school or you're a stay-at-home parent who is ready to enter the workforce, take a look at the questions to ask right now. Why Do You Want To Become A Nurse? This question can help you to decide if you truly want to explore a career in nursing. There is no universal or standard reason to become a nurse. Read More 

Having Trouble With School: Why Hiring For College Consulting Is A Good Idea

18 October 2021
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Going to college is a major life choice that is an investment of both time and money. You want to make sure that you invest wisely and choose the best college or university for you, which is why hiring a college consulting professional can be the wisest investment you'll make. Learn what college consultants do and why they're worth the investment. With the right help, you can get into the college or university that is right for you. Read More 

5 Signs You Should Apply To An Online College For People In The Military

23 November 2020
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The professional world is competitive and to be successful, you need the right credentials. To beef up your resume, you may want to enroll in an online college for military personnel. Here are five signs you should consider taking this route. 1. You want to enhance your career. The biggest reason to go to college is to enhance your career. If you're still in the military, you may want a degree to help you land a job once you leave, and if you've already retired from the military, you may need a degree to jump start your career. Read More